Welcome to Senshu Shakuhachi Kobo

The instruments produced by the Senshu Shakuhachi workshop “Mitsuka”, which stands for “for the professional”, are produced without compromise as high performance instruments for professionals.
Forty years of extensive research and experimentation, and an insatiable passion for the shakuhachi have brought the instruments to a high level of excellence, and they are favored by professional performers all over the world.

“Anyone can make a good sound easily”

This is the true nature of a professional instrument. Having the best instrument allows for the fastest progress, which is why we encourage beginners to use a professional shakuhachi from the beginning. A great performance requires a great instrument.

Original Type A

Original Type B



AireedX Katana

Original TypeA / 1.8D

Original Type B / 1.6E

Classic Type / 1.8D

TONE&Circus-Esashi, Mr.Summer Time

TONE-Riding the northern sky

Yukihiko Mitsuka-HOME TOWN

SENSHU Show Room

Iwado-kita, Komae city Tokyo, Japan

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